Can You Mix Blue and Purple Shampoo Together

Can You Mix Blue and Purple Shampoo Together? Mystery Solved!

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Wondering if mixing blue and purple shampoos together is a good idea? What will it do to your hair? Our experts reveal all you need to know!

We all want our hair color to look its best, so it's no surprise that toning shampoo specifically designed for colored hair has become increasingly popular.

But if you've got both blue and purple shampoo in your bathroom cabinet, what are the benefits of using them together?

In this post, we'll break down how to mix and match these two shades of shampoo to get the most out of them.

Read on to learn all about why you might want to mix these two shampoos together, what each individual shampoo is used for and what results you can expect from doing so.

The Color Wheel AND Why It's Important

Color theory is a fascinating concept, and when it comes to hair color, it's essential.

Have you ever wondered why purple shampoo and blue shampoo work better than other colors on dyed or colored hair?

It all has to do with the color wheel – an artist’s tool used for creating harmonious color combinations.

The primary colors red, yellow, and blue should be familiar to everyone. By combining these three pigments in various ways you can create secondary (orange-green-violet) and tertiary (yellow-orange-red violet) shades as well.

Every single one of these hues has its own unique properties.

This brings us back to purple shampoo and blue shampoo; by understanding the qualities of each hue on the wheel we can explain why they are beneficial for colored hair specifically.

Yellow tones tend to make the underlying pigment appear more vibrant while subtle oranges naturally blend different shades together for a more natural look - both results we want from our shampoos!

The unique properties of purple counteract any yellow or brassy hues in bleached or highlighted blondes since it carries a cool undertone that neutralizes warmth in other colors (it also works great on gray hair or silver locks).

Blue tones will help keep brunettes looking dark without being too dark.

Plus, they're useful if someone wants their blonde highlights brighter without turning them into orange hair!

Ultimately, both purple and blue shampoos take advantage of how different pigments interact with each other using various color wheel principles such as complementary coloring (where two opposite hues combine making each complement the other), splitting primaries (using elements from primary colors that are adjacent such as red and orange).

So when you're deciding between blue vs purple shampoo, which do you choose? Let's take a look at the benefits of each so you can decide between blue or purple shampoo!

A Look at Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is the perfect product for blondes looking to keep their hair looking vibrant and healthy.

This shampoo works by neutralizing yellow tones in blonde hair brought on by sun exposure or improper care.

Because yellow tones tend to make blonde hair look dull or brassy, purple shampoo helps bring out the desired highlights in lighter shades of blonde.

It also helps protect against further damage caused by UV rays or water with excess minerals.

When using purple shampoo, it's important not to let it sit too long on the hair as this could lead to unwanted purple undertones.

The Benefits of Blue Shampoo

Blue shampoo is popular among those with dark brown or black hair who are looking for a deeper shade without having to turn to dyeing their hair.

Since blue shampoos have a tendency to neutralize orange tones and orangey-red hues that are often found in darker shades of brunette hair or black hair, using blue shampoo can help bring out more subtle red undertones.

It can also be used as a preventative measure against brassiness due to environmental factors such as chlorine from swimming pools or sun exposure.

As with purple shampoo, it's important not to leave blue shampoo on your hair for too long lest there be an undesired color change!

The Pros and Cons of Mixing Blue and Purple Shampoo Together

Mixing blue and purple shampoos can provide some interesting results to correct orange or yellow undertones if done correctly—and safely!

One potential advantage of mixing these two products together is that they can work together harmoniously.

While purple toners tend to bring out golden tones in lighter shades of blonde, combining them with blue toners may result in more nuanced shades that offer up even more depth than either one alone would do.

On the other hand, it's important not to overdo it when mixing these two shampoos; too much toner could leave your hair looking grayed out or unnatural looking!

Additionally, because both products work best when left on the hair for just a few minutes at most (any longer could result in unwanted hues), using both products simultaneously may be difficult to time accurately.

How to Mix Purple and Blue Shampoo Together

When it comes to using purple and blue shampoo together on your hair, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make sure you get the most out of each product.

Apply purple shampoo first. Apply it all over your hair taking extra care to apply it evenly. Then massage in for two minutes.

Next, apply blue shampoo starting from scalp area down towards the tips of the hair shafts using mild strokes for even coverage.

Massage for about three minutes before washing off with warm water.

Finally, rinse thoroughly once more with cool water as this will help seal in color molecules and ensure that both shampoos work together effectively without leaving residue behind on the scalp or hair follicles.

Make sure to follow your purple toning shampoo and blue toning shampoo mixture with a purple conditioner as toning shampoos can be drying to the hair.

Proceed With Caution

When it comes down to it, you should think twice before starting a blending experiment with purple or blue shampoo.

While mixing blue and purple shampoos can have some interesting effects—especially for blondes who are looking for subtle variations within their locks—it's important that any experiments are conducted safely and carefully so as not to cause any unwanted damage or discoloration!

However, you may find yourself delightfully surprised at the results that come from combining these two powerful products together!

So go ahead and try mixing purple and blue shampoo, if you feel so inclined. You never know what kind of magical mane awaits until you give it shot!

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