Why is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top

Why is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top? The Fixes!

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Do you feel like your hair has a mind of its own? Let's look at the science behind why you may have curly hair underneath & straight hair on top!

Why is My Hair Curly Underneath but Straight on Top?

If you've ever found yourself questioning why your hair starts off one way at the scalp and then gradually takes on a different texture lower down, don't worry. You're in good company!

This is actually a fairly common phenomenon - and there are numerous explanations as to why you have curly hair underneath straight hair.

So if having two unique hair textures has left you scratching your head (literally), let's take an in-depth look into some of its possible causes.

The Weather

Believe it or not, one possible reason for having two types of hair texture could be the weather! Changes in humidity levels can cause your normally straight locks to result in less evenly textured hair with more wavy hair or even outright curls.

Humidity has a major effect on hair texture and hair thickness. When the air is humid and moisture levels increase, the increased water content in the air causes hair to swell, leading to frizz, tangles and limpness.

This is because humidity softens hair cuticles (essentially, breaks their hydrogen bonds) that normally protect hair strands from absorbing too much moisture.

The added water weight makes each strand of hair heavier and thicker which results in your strands sticking together more easily—creating less defined natural waves or curls.

On hot days when humidity levels are high you may notice your fine/flat or straight-textured locks turn extra frizzy as an even thicker layer of hydration clings onto each hair shaft!

You may find that your curls are more pronounced during summer months when there is a higher level of humidity in the air.

Family Genetics

Your genetics are also likely influencing the texture and pattern of your natural hair growth.

Many times our parents’ genes will determine if we have curly hair or straight hair.

If both of your parents have naturally curly hair, then it is possible that the curls from their genes are causing the underside of your hair to curl while the top remains straight (unless you use chemical treatments).

The structure of curly strands is unique from most other types of hair.

Its hair follicles are wider and flatter than straight or wavy hair, giving a more voluminous look when the strands are combed out.

On average, a curly hair follicle tends to produce less oil than other textures and can therefore become dry faster if not properly hydrated with a nourishing product like a conditioner or deep treatment masque.

In addition, because the cuticle layer on these fibers tends to be thinner and looser compared to other types of hair, they may be more prone to damage from heat styling tools such as blow dryers and curling irons.

Your Diet

Your diet may also play a role in how your hair grows and its texture as well.

Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can help nourish your body and give you stronger, healthier strands that are less prone to breakage or damage due to styling products and tools.

Also, make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet as this helps promote strong, healthy strands. And, as always, drink plenty of water!

Over Styling Your Hair

Another possibility for why you might have curls on the underside but not on top could be due to over styling with hot tools like curling irons or flat irons to make your hair straight.

When using a curling iron excessively, it can damage the cuticle layer which can lead to breakage and frizziness at the ends and a change in your curl pattern.

This could also lead to more pronounced curls on one side than another depending on how much heat was applied during styling sessions.

Chemical Treatments

Using treatments such as perms or relaxers can also cause different patterns in the growth of your locks.

Chemical treatments can cause some parts of your mane to curl while other sections remain straight due to how these products interact with our individual strands differently based on our genetics and other factors like porosity levels in our tresses.

Keep this in mind if you decide to try out any of these treatments as they may affect how much curl appears after using them!

Unhealthy Haircare Routine

An unhealthy haircare routine can also contribute to having hair damage and different textures throughout your mane, especially if you're not using quality products specifically formulated for curly haired women or men who have similar texture variations within their tresses.

Over-washing or using too many styling products without proper nutrition can lead to dryness which then leads to frizziness at certain sections while leaving others unaffected by these issues altogether!

Make sure you're following a balanced haircare routine tailored specifically for people with textured locks so that all parts get equal attention when caring for them daily!

Your Hair Length

The length of your locks may also influence why some parts curl while others stay straight—especially if they haven't been properly trimmed recently!

Longer strands tend to weigh down more easily which means they'll form into waves or curls easier than shorter sections would because there's more weight pulling them down naturally from gravity's force alone!

Therefore, keeping regular trims could help keep all parts uniform if this is what you desire most for achieving an even look across all sections throughout each strand type present within mane itself!

Your Hair Weight

In some cases the weight of your natural hair can cause your curls to straighten.

This phenomenon is known as ‘gravitational pull’, and occurs when the weight of your hair against gravity pulls it down and outwards.

As a result, gravity causes individual strands of curled or wavy hair to fall into a more relaxed shape instead of maintaining their coiled pattern.

If you're looking to preserve your curly hairstyle and reduce the amount of gravitational pull at work, try setting up with an updo style or adding extra volume with mousse or hairspray for added body.

What to Do About Your Type of Hair

If you have hair that is curly underneath but straight on top, there are a few different methods you can use to fix the problem.

The following tips can help you achieve a more consistent look to your overall hairstyle.

1) Flat iron your curls – Using a ceramic or titanium flat iron will help flatten out any curls at the roots and make them easier to manage.

You should also apply a heat protectant spray before you straighten hair to prevent damage. This technique is if you want an overall straight look to your hair.

2) Use rollers – Soft foam rollers or flexi-rods applied around the crown of your head before bed can help create even waves from root to tip without having to fight with frizz.

To get maximum results, keep them in for several hours so that your style has time to set itself overnight.

3) Invest in volumizing products – Look for volumizing mousses and hairsprays specifically designed for creating volume at the roots.

These products can be used after styling with either curling irons or hot rollers, as well as when blow drying with low heat settings.

They can help whether you are looking for a straight look or an overall curly look.

4) Try deep conditioning treatments – Deep conditioning treatments help soften and moisturize strands without weighing them down too much, making it easier to style and maintain both straight locks near the scalp and natural curls everywhere else.

These hair masks and hair butters contain ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter which deeply moisturize hair.

5) Sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase - Using this type of pillowcase will prevent breakage and damage to fragile hair. It will also help maintain your hairstyle.

These are just some suggestions that may work depending on your hair type; feel free to experiment until finding what works best for your curly and straight hair!

Making The Best of Your Unique Hair Texture

There are many reasons why someone might have curly hairs growing underneath but remain relatively straight on top.

It can be anything from natural weather changes causing fluctuations in humidity levels to over styling hot tools or unhealthy haircare routines leading towards dryness and frizziness at certain sections while leaving others unaffected by these issues altogether!

Regardless though – understanding why you have both straight and curly hair and learning how best maintain and care for each section according to their own unique needs should be top priority when striving towards achieving an even look across all parts throughout mane itself!

So don't be afraid explore different techniques and products tailored specifically towards curly and straight hair – as doing so will help ensure better results overall no matter what type(s) hairs present within self's own headspace currently happen to be today!

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