does toner damage hair

Does Toner Damage Hair? How to Prevent Color Distress

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Does toner damage your hair? What about hair dye? We wanted to know! We compare the two to find out which is best for your lovely locks.

You know the importance of having beautiful hair. But it is also important to understand what you are putting on your natural hair color and the effects that it may have on it.

One of the most common questions when it comes to hair care is whether toner or dye is better for your hair strands. And does toner damage hair?

Let’s break down the differences between hair toner damage and dye damage and figure out which product works best for you.

How Does Hair Toner Work?

Hair toner products are often used after bleaching or lightening hair in order to correct unwanted orange tones or yellow tones in blonde hair.

It can also be used to add subtle highlights or lowlights to dark brown hair.

Toners can be semi-permanent or permanent, depending on the brand and type of product used.

So, does toner damage your hair? Generally, toners are less damaging than dye because they don't involve any additional chemical treatments.

Semi-permanent toners will last up to six weeks while permanent ones will last up to twelve weeks before needing to be reapplied.

What Does Hair Dye Do?

Permanent hair dye works by permanently altering the color of your hair cuticles with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

This process can be damaging and drying if done too often without taking proper precautions (such as using conditioner).

Generally, hair dyes need to be re-applied every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain their vibrancy and longevity on the hair shaft as it fades over time due to natural processes such as washing and exposure to sunlight.

But coloring more than this can cause hair damage.

Which Is Better, Toner or Hair Dye?

The answer depends on what result you are looking for! If you want something more dramatic or long lasting, then a permanent dye may be a better option than a temporary toner.

However, if you just want subtle highlights or lowlights without damaging your locks, then a semi-permanent toner might be best for you! Ultimately, it's all about finding what works for your specific situation.

Do or Dye

In conclusion, there is no right answer when deciding between toner versus hair dye when coloring your hair; both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and desires.

Whether you opt for a temporary toner or permanent dye depends on how frequently you plan on changing up your look as well as how much damage you're willing to put your locks through in order to achieve the desired effect.

For healthier color treated hair overall, consider using natural products such as henna hair color instead of harsh chemicals found in traditional dyes - this way you can still get great results without sacrificing the health of your hair.

Whatever route you decide take bleaching or dyeing hair, make sure you pick a hair color that works best for YOU!

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