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Itchy? How to Treat Dry Skin Under Your Beard Like a Pro!

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Is the dry, irritated skin beneath your chin keeping you from looking your best? Not to worry! Here are some ways to deal with it now!

We all know that beards are more than just a fashion statement; they’re a lifestyle.

For many men, having the perfect beard is an important part of their identity.

But having and maintaining a beard isn’t always easy.

One of the most common issues men with beards face is dry skin underneath their facial hair.

This can often lead to itchiness, redness, and even infection if not treated properly.

So if you’re trying to rock your beard with confidence, it pays to know how to treat dry skin under your beard like a pro!

Understanding the Causes of Dry Skin Under Your Beard

The first step in treating dry skin under your beard is understanding why it happens in the first place. The most common causes include:

Not Washing Your Beard Regularly Enough

Washing your beard every two to three days (with a gentle shampoo specifically designed for beards) can help remove dirt and oil build-up that clogs pores and leads to dryness. It also prevents bacteria from growing on your skin which can lead to irritation.

Make sure you're using a beard shampoo especially made for your beard. Don't wash your beard with shower gel or bar soap!

Not Using Conditioner

Conditioner helps replace lost moisture in the skin that can occur from regular washing.

When applied after shampooing, it helps lock moisture into the hair follicles which prevents dehydration and irritation.

Make sure you use a conditioner specifically designed for beards so it won't strip away your skin's natural oils.

Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by an imbalance of bacteria and fungi that leads to excessive oil production and flaking of the skin.

When this excess oil accumulates on the hair follicles and scalp, it can spread to other parts of the body like the neck, chin, and face—including under your beard.

This accumulation of oil can lead to clogged pores, which can then result in itching and irritation as well as dryness.

To prevent dandruff from causing dry skin under your beard, you should wash your beard with a mild shampoo designed to treat dandruff at least once a week.

It's important to moisturize your face daily with a product specifically made for facial hair while avoiding products with alcohol or other drying agents that could further irritate already-dry skin or worsen dandruff symptoms.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disorder characterized by red scaly patches and inflamed skin, usually on the scalp or face.

These patches can cause an itchy beard and often cause flaky skin to form in the beard area.

In some cases, seborrheic dermatitis may lead to a severe buildup of scales that make hair follicles harden or appear duller than usual.

Not only does this affect the appearance of your face but it can also cause irritation due to its flaky nature combined with an abundance of oil produced from overly active sebaceous glands in the affected areas.

It is important to speak with a doctor if you think you have seborrheic dermatitis as they will be able to recommend treatments that may help reduce symptoms such as itching, burning, stinging and dryness under your beard.

Additionally you should avoid using harsh cleaning products on your face which may further irritate already sensitive skin and aggravate existing symptoms.

Too Much Heat or Cold Exposure

Extreme temperatures can zap moisture from both your skin and hair follicles which leads to dryness and skin irritation over time.

Try wearing a scarf or hat during cold weather months, or keeping air conditioning on low when indoors during hot summer months - this will help protect both your beard and skin from drying out.

How to Treat Dry Skin Under Beard

Once you understand what may have caused your dry skin under your beard, there are several treatments you can try to restore hydration back into the area and reduce any discomfort or itchiness. These include:

Gentle Exfoliation

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that accumulate on top of the epidermis layer which can cause build up on top of already irritated areas of skin.

Use an exfoliator specifically formulated for sensitive areas such as face scrubs or masks with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, or rose water.

Moisturizing Creams

Hydrating creams or lotions made with natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, squalane oil, or rosehip oil will help lock moisture into the skin while calming any redness or itching caused by dehydration.

You should apply these after showering but before styling your facial hair as they will work best when applied directly onto damp facial hairs.

Beard Oil

Beard oil can be an effective remedy for dry skin under your beard, as it helps to lock in moisture and keep the facial hair follicles healthy.

The natural oils found in a beard oil or beard balm help to create a barrier that seals in existing moisture and prevents water loss from the skin.

Beard oils contain ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree oil and shea butter that provide nourishment to both the skin beneath your beard as well as its hairs.

Additionally, these ingredients have antibacterial properties which can help ward off infection caused by bacteria trapped within facial hair.

To use, lubricate a few drops of beard oil onto clean hands before massaging it into the your face underneath your facial hair.

Run a beard comb or beard brush through your beard paying particular attention to any areas where you experience dryness or itchiness so that those patches get the best nourishment possible.

Facial Massage

Massaging increases blood flow to the area which encourages collagen production while promoting cell regeneration—both of which help heal damaged areas faster and effectively prevent further damage due to dehydration.

You should massage gently around your chin area at least once per day for best results. You can even use a beard roller to stimulate blood flow under your skin.

Here are some other great tips for caring for your beard from the American Academy of Dermatology:

The Best Beard Ever

All in all, taking care of dry, itchy skin underneath your beard doesn't have to be complicated; just make sure you're doing what you can to keep it hydrated (which means washing regularly and using conditioner afterwards) as well as applying moisturizing products as needed throughout the day!

With these tips in mind—you'll soon have healthy looking (and feeling!) beard in no time!

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