Is Vaseline Good for Dry Skin Under Eyes

TikTok Hack: Is Vaseline Good for Dry Skin Under Eyes?

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Ready to give TikTok's latest trending beauty hack a try? Vaseline might just be the solution for your dry under eye skin if you use it correctly.

If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed recently, chances are you’ve seen the beauty hack to use Vaseline under your eyes to reduce dryness and wrinkles.

But is it true? Does Vaseline jelly actually trap moisture to help treat dry skin around your eyes?

Let’s take a look at the facts behind this trending beauty hack to see if you should add it to your skin care routine. Surely, you have some Vaseline somewhere in your home somewhere, anyway!

What Causes Dryness Around the Eyes

Dry skin around the eyes is a common problem, but one that can usually be easily remedied with the right approach.

There are several underlying factors that may be contributing to your condition, from external irritants to an internal imbalance of hydration or nutrition.

Irritants such as allergens, dust and dirt can cause an allergic reaction. Rubbing the eye area too much will even make it worse.

Another cause of dryness around the eyes is rubbing too hard when removing makeup or other cosmetics, or using a harsh cleanser on the face and eye area. Even harsh shampoos that run down your face can affect your eye area.

Exposure to air-conditioning and central heating systems in poorly ventilated areas all cause dryness around the eyes.

Similarly, changes in humidity levels due to climate, change in season, or travel can also lead to increased dryness of this region.

Internal imbalances on the other hand could include water deprivation (not drinking enough fluids), nutritional deficiencies (lack of Vitamin A and essential fatty acids), skin conditions and hormone changes due to aging which reduce moisture production at a skin level.

Stress also plays its part - releasing hormones like cortisol which disrupts our natural balance leading to dehydration of both body tissues and hair follicles where moisture levels need maintaining for optimal healthy skin hydration levels.

Finally, medications you are taking can contribute to dryness in your skin including the skin around your eyes.

What Can You Do About Dryness Under Eyes

There is no one tried and tested way to eliminate under eye dryness and keep skin hydrated. But, there are practical measures you can take today if you want rejuvenating skin around your eyes:

1.) Drink plenty of hydrating fluids throughout the day - herbal teas aren’t just tasty but help replenish moisture stores within our cells. And drink lots of water!

2.) Use a gentle cleanser and a gentle moisturizer in combination with lukewarm water instead of hot water when cleaning your face each day.

Ensure your cleansers, eye creams and skin treatments are free from fragrances and chemicals so as not strip away essential oils present naturally in your skin. And always use a gentle, alcohol free makeup remover.

3.) Add more Vitamin A rich foods into your diet such as spinach and mangoes. Vitamin A helps increase collagen production reducing signs of premature aging caused by wrinkles and fine lines.

4.) Increase intake in healthy fats ensuring omega 3 fatty acids receive some attention. Try adding fish oils into meals or consuming unsalted nuts for an extra boost!

5.) Introduce weekly habits aimed towards de-stressing including meditating for at least 10 minutes each morning helping manage stress hormones produced during times anxiety.

Armed with these tricks you should hopefully see some improvements over time leaving those pesky eye issues behind!

The Benefits of Using Vaseline Under Your Eyes

Vaseline is an occlusive ointment, meaning it forms a skin barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating from the area where it is applied.

This means that if you are suffering from dry skin under your eyes, applying Vaseline can help lock in moisture and prevent further dehydration.

Additionally, Vaseline has a few other benefits for sensitive skin under the eyes, such as:

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles by providing a plumping effect, soothing redness and irritation and creating a protective barrier against environmental pollutants.

However, it's important to note that these benefits only apply if you're using high quality petroleum jelly - not any old product off the shelf!

You want to make sure that whatever product you use is free of fragrances and dyes, as these ingredients can irritate delicate skin tissue around the eyes.

If you want to take your Vaseline application to the next level, try this cling wrap method from dermatologist Shereen Eidriss:


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TikTok by Pillow Talk Derm's Shereen Eidriss

Does Vaseline Remove Dark Circles?

Dark circle under eyes may be caused by several factors including aging skin, eczema or allergies (inflammation), sun damage, fatigue, genetics and even stress.

Despite Vaseline's reputation as a multi-purpose fixer, it won't lighten dark circles. However, its hydrating powers may be just what you need to give your tired eyes a refreshing boost.

The Drawbacks of Using Vaseline Under Your Eyes

While Vaseline can be beneficial for dry, flaky skin under your eyes, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider.

Because Vaseline forms an occlusive barrier on top of the skin, it can actually trap dirt and bacteria underneath it which can lead to infection or clogged pores if you have acne prone skin.

Additionally, some people find that when they apply Vaseline under their eyes they experience increased puffiness due to fluid retention - which may counteract any wrinkle-reducing effects of using the product!

Finally, because Vaseline is greasy it can cause makeup applied overtop of it to slide off more easily than usual.

Tips for Safely Applying Petroleum Jelly Under Your Eyes

If you do decide to give this beauty hack a try, there are a few tips for safely applying petroleum jelly around your eyes.

Use only clean hands or tools when applying petroleum jelly; never use dirty fingers.

Apply very sparingly - just enough so that there is a thin layer over top of the dry areas; too much will increase puffiness due to fluid retention.

Gently massage into the skin with light circular motions until absorbed; don't rub too hard as this can cause irritation or breakage in delicate eye area tissue.

Give Vaseline a Try!

All in all, petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) isn't just for lip balm or the soles of the feet! It can be beneficial for reducing dryness, itchiness, flakiness, soreness, irritation under your eyes if used correctly and sparingly.

But, caution should be taken when using this product around such delicate tissues. If you sleep with an eye mask, just make sure it's not on too tight!

If you decide to give this beauty hack a try to keep your cracked skin moisturized, make sure you follow all our tips listed above for best results!

Furthermore, always remember that prevention is better than cure when it comes to taking care of your delicate eye area tissues.

So, make sure you are using sunscreen each day and regularly moisturizing with a hydrating eye cream formulated specifically for sensitive areas like those around your eyes.

If you want to plump up your under eye area, you might want to consider trying a Korean brand of eye cream? Why? Korean skincare is trending - and for good reason. For keeping skin around the eyes moisturized all day and night.

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