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Shaving Silliness: How to Avoid Razor Bumps Without Going Crazy!

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There’s more to shaving than just lathering up and running a blade over your skin. Keep reading to learn how you can keep your skin bump-free!

It may be chilly outside now, but the day will come when we’ll be swapping our sweaters and boots for shorts and sundresses.

But before you can confidently show off your smooth skin, you have to battle those pesky razor bumps that can linger after a shave.

It turns out there’s more to properly shaving than just lathering up and running a blade over your skin. Keep reading to learn how you can keep your skin smooth and bump-free!

What Exactly Are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are small red bumps on the skin caused by ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs occur when hair follicles become trapped beneath the surface of the skin, usually due to improper shaving techniques or using dull blades.

They can be itchy and painful, but luckily there are ways to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

How Can You Avoid Razor Bumps?

The number one way to avoid getting razor bumps is to use sharp blades that won’t cause irritation or leave behind stubble.

Additionally, make sure you change your blades often; most experts recommend changing them every five shaves or so.

If you don’t have access to disposable razors, consider investing in an electric razor that will give you a closer shave with less irritation than manual razors.

And always remember to lather up with shaving cream or gel before each shave.

You should also consider exfoliating regularly; this will help remove any dead skin cells that might be blocking hair follicles from growing out of the surface of the skin properly.

Finally, use witch hazel after each shave as this will help soothe irritated skin and prevent inflammation (which is key for avoiding razor bumps).

Witch hazel is also an astringent which can help reduce bacteria growth causing breakouts in sensitive areas like your bikini line.

The absolute best thing you can do is try a razor bump serum. This is a type of serum that is applied to the skin after shaving to prevent razor burn. It is designed to help reduce the appearance of razor bumps, as well as soothe and protect the skin.

What About Treatment For Existing Razor Bumps?

If you already have razor bumps, don’t panic—you don’t need expensive laser treatments or harsh chemicals.

A simple home remedy like aloe vera gel or tea tree oil applied directly onto existing razor bumps can help reduce inflammation and provide relief from itching and discomfort.

For serious cases, consider seeing a dermatologist who may prescribe topical antibiotics or medicated creams specifically designed for treating razor bumps quickly and effectively.

No Bumps Here!

No matter what kind of hair removal method you prefer—shaving, waxing, epilating—razor bumps are an annoying part of life for many women.

By taking proper precautions such as using sharp blades regularly, exfoliating frequently, using a razor bump serum and having a go-to treatment plan for existing razor bumps if needed—we can all keep our legs (and other areas) bump-free without going crazy!

Need some suggestions for a great razor bump serum? We have a few! Tap the button below for our list of the top serums for preventing razor bumps.

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